Catering Services Libya

Catering services Libya Desert Camp BBQ

One of our main areas of operations is the Catering services Libya, we have been operating catering services  Libya for more than 30 years and our managers have successfully managed and operated some of the biggest catering contracts in Libya, such as Sirte Oil Company at Brega and Zuetina Oil company at concession 103. Lets look at the advantages of using Amallibya as your catering services provider.

  • Everyone who has ever operated catering services knows its a headache if its not done correctly.
  • You should be putting all your efforts into running your own core services and not your catering and camp cleaning
  • We will take away the headaches and ensure things run smoothly
  • We will ensure your employees stay healthy with the right balanced diet
  • We will ensure your employees will enjoy a varied diet
  • We will give you value for money and assist you to control costs throughout your camps by saving energy and resources.
  • We will make sure your camps and companies are clean and hygienic for your employees
  • We will ensure that only the best goods are purchased and supplied for your employees.
  • We will ensure that our staff work with your health and safety rules in mind
  • We will ensure that our crews protect your companies interests at all times
  • We will be available 24/7 so if you have any concerns you can speak to a manager immediately
  • We will provide only the best catering personnel from many and varied nationalities including Filipinos, Moroccan,British, Maltese, Tunisian, Indian and Libya
  • We have a commitment to ongoing training and HSE

Apart from excellent catering services in Libya we also provide full janitorial services that will include:

Catering Services Libya


In all areas where we operate we guarantee that our services will be second to none, we will always ensure that your employees receive the best catering service it is possible to provide, at the best price.

We can operate in any area whether it be a rig in the deep desert or a location near a town or city, no matter where you are located we will provide you with the very best catering services Libya, 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

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