Villa Guesthouse Management In Libya

Villa Guesthouse Management In Libya

Why you need Villa Guesthouse Management In Libya. Lets face it after a hard days work at the office the last thing your people need is to come home to your Villa or Guesthouse  In Libya and have to start cooking. Cleaning and doing their own laundry. You may also have concerns regarding the security of the guesthouse or villa. Your staff also need time at home to unwind and relax.

Villa Guesthouse Management In Libya

Oxy Villa BBQ day

What We Can Supply

Catering services for your villa or guest house we will plan and implement a menu taking into account the wishes of our clients also including in our plans the ethnic mix and nationality. We use a wide variety of local and imported produce including the excellent local grown fruit and fresh vegetables. Our chefs can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner or even BBQs and functions, what ever you need we can supply it. All in a hygienic environment.

Cleaning services will typically include making of beds including linen changing  normally every three days or when a occupant of the room changes, Bathroom and toilet hygienic cleaning along with the supply of bathroom and toilet soaps and tissues. Cleaning of lounges and recreation areas including floor cleaning and polishing. Also included will be window cleaning.

Gardening services Libya

We can take care of the garden in you villa or guest house, we have professional gardeners who can take care of the gardening needs such as weeding, planting, watering and general cleaning of the area.

Pool cleaning and maintenance in Libya

We will ensure that your pool is clean at all times with the correct amount of quality pool chemicals, we will ensure that it is drained and refilled at regular prescribed times, all the time ensuring that the area around the pool is safe and secure.

Amallibya can manage and operate your guesthouse or villa from start to finish, have a look at the services we can provide for you.

We can supply any of the above services to your

Villa Guesthouse Management In Libya

. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a informal discussion Here.


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