Health And Safety Policy Libya

Health And Safety Policy Libya statement


The management of Amallibya catering and Hotel services is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and visitors and all persons using the premises as a place of work.


To ensure a safe and healthy environment management has developed and maintains a health and safety management system specifically management will:

 Health And Safety Policy Libya

1. Set health and safety objectives and performance criteria for all managers and work areas

2. Manually review health and safety objectives and managers performance

3. Actively encourage the accurate and timely reporting and recording of all incidents and injuries

4. Investigate all reported incidents and injuries to ensure all contributing factors are identified and, where appropriate, plans formulated to take corrective action

5. Actively encourage the early reporting of pain or discomfort

6. Provide treatment and rehabilitation plan that insurers are saved and early durable return to work

7. Identify all existing and new hazards and take all practicable steps to eliminate, isolate and or minimise the exposure to any hazards deem to be significant

8. Ensure that all employees are made aware of the hazards in their work areas and are adequately trained to enable them to perform their duties in a safe manner

9. Encourage employee consultation and participation in all matters relating to health and safety

10. Promote a system of continuous improvement including the annual review of policies and procedures

11. Meet our obligations relating to all health and safety regulations and codes of practice and also any relevant standards guidelines

12. Every employee of the company is expected to share in the commitment to health and safety

13. Every manager, supervisor or foreperson has a responsibility for the health and safety of those employees working under their direction

14. Each employee is expected to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through:


  • Observing all saved work procedures, rules and instructions
  • the early reporting of any pain or discomfort
  • taking an active role in the company’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, to ensure an early durable return to work
  • ensuring that all accidents, injuries and hazards are reported to the appropriate person.


The health and safety committee


The health and safety committee includes senior manager representation and other nominated employee representatives, the committee is responsible for the implementation, monitoring, review and planning of health and safety policies, systems and practices.

Health And Safety Policy Libya Approved by.

Ali Hakuma

Chairman and chief operating officer

Amallibya catering and Hotel services Libya.

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