Catering Hygiene In Libya

Catering Hygiene In Libya

Catering Hygiene In Libya

Clean Kitchen

Catering Hygiene In Libya.Because of the extreme conditions we operate in we take extra care in the cleaning and hygiene standards we offer, we never compromise on cleanliness or hygiene. Our sites operate in accordance with HCCAP and other European health and safety regulations. Each and every site operates with its own cleaning plan, that specifies how, where and when all equipment and facilities are cleaned.


 Sample cleaning plan

Catering Hygiene In Libya

Amallibya Cleaning Schedule

At Amallibya our staff are trained to ensure they follow out Hygiene procedures and the plans and schedules we have in place. Of course hygiene procedures also include personal hygiene


and we ensure that all our catering staff are fully medically checked and certified

No one will be allowed to work for us unless they have passed very strict medical tests.

Catering Hygiene In Libya

We continually wish to improve and enhance our hygiene procedures, if at any time you notice an area where we can improve then please do mention it, we are only to pleased to receive your input, it will help us to perform better and provide you, our clients with a better catering service.

Amallibya have recently started to utilise Diversy products, this means that one of the largest supplies of top quality cleaning and catering hygiene products now provide us with high quality products and most importantly, with high quality training on the correct usage of the products. This will enable us to improve our already great services and make them even better.


Catering Hygiene In Libya Personal Cleanliness

Clean hands and clean uniforms are a prerequisite for our people, we will only accept the very highest standards of personal hygiene. All our managers are trained to keep the very high standards we demand, we track and control any failure in our standards and take immediate actions when required. Each and every site we operate must meet our own very high cleaning and hygiene standards.

Our food hygiene procedures allow us to operate in the most hostile and remote environments, all our managers are trained to follow our guidelines with regards to hygiene and food storage procedures, we are well aware of the fact that the well-being and health of your staff is in our hands, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We regularly inspect and examine our  plans and procedures to ensure we have all the bases covered. We also listen to feedback from our clients as well as our own staff who suggest ways for improvement and  upgrades. We do take Catering Hygiene In Libya very seriously.

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